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Content of Original Tumblr Post, December 30, 2018 at 9:53pm:

I think I’m going to end here for the night and go write something new.

Mostly because I still really enjoy these two fics. Fullmetal Alchemist ‘03 was an amazing series and I love it to this day. I named my first car “Roy Mustang” if you want to know how much I loved it. Lol.

I honestly liked it so much I haven’t read the manga or watched Brotherhood because I knew it was different (and a lot of the stuff the anime changed I liked).

Anyway, I reread both of these fics while I was crossposting and I still love them. Enjoy!

Incendiary Relations on Archive of Our Own or
Rated M
Fullmetal Alchemist (2003)
Zolf J. Kimblee/Frank Archer, Drama & Humor

Kimblee discovers the benefits of having a drinking buddy, but what happens when it starts going farther? Kimblee x Archer

I love this fic. I had so much fun writing it and it’s one of my favorite pairings. This is Canon Divergence at its most fun and looking back at this thing I can see all my favorite shipping tropes in one place (Spoiled, violent brat in one-sided love with someone else who eventually gets dragged kicking and screaming into the relationship with a side of jealousy).

I also remember that one day I went back and just marked it complete after realizing the chapter I stopped on was...actually a good stopping spot. It felt good to mark it complete, even if there was a small amount of time I had thought about continuing it.

Still one of my favorite fics I’ve ever written & I’ve actually re-read it a few times over the years (You are allowed to like your own writing, remember that!) since there is...very little Kimblee & Archer. This fic exists because I couldn’t find it to read.

Intemperance on Archive of Our Own or
Rated M (It was T but after re-reading it, it was a little more violent in a couple places than I remembered so I bumped it up.)
Fullmetal Alchemist
Gracia Hughes/Roy Mustang, One-Sided Edward Elric/Roy Mustang, Maes Hughes & Everybody, Slow Burn, Horror

Stuck in central thanks to Mustang, Edward finds himself working a case of human transmutation gone wrong. The side effects of that transmutation seem to be more than anyone expected, especially when it begins to target Roy Mustang.

This wasn’t a very popular fic back in the day and looking back, I feel like I could have fixed that by putting “Homunculus Hughes” in the summary (which is why I added that tag to the fic on AO3 when I crossposted it today).

Which is what this is. Homunculus Hughes comes back to steal everything the real Maes Hughes had.

I actually had a hard time tagging it. Is this “Greed Hughes” an original character or just Evil Hughes? It’s basically Evil Hughes so I just tagged it with Maes, but I still had to think about it.

Always a fan of possessive characters, I could see myself coming back to this one. There was some really good chemistry with Greed Hughes and Roy in the 5th and 6th chapters that I’d love to revisit (plus, the pairings were slow burn they never got anywhere).

Good times.

#I wrote Kimblee as such a brat in the first one. #I love it. #But for real #Frank Archer #I loved him so much you do not even know #he was my favorite character in the 03 show. #After Roy.
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Content of Original Tumblr Post, December 30, 2018 at 4:28pm:

I can see the light and this project is almost over (and then I can move into phase two: The Drabbles). I would have waited until I had three finished to make this post, but the next fic I’m crossposting is one of my favorites, so it’s going to be the first one on the list. XD
So in the meantime, here’s these two:

The Rouge Who Was Death on Archive of Our Own or
Rated T
Skeith x Haseo, Haseo x Atoli, Dark Fic

After years of waiting, Skeith has once again found his Host. And nothing will separate them ever again, whether Haseo wishes for them to be together or not. [Spoilers for Series and Game. Skeith x Haseo, Canon Pairings. Dark.]

This is one of those fics where I still like the premise, but the execution could use some work. It’s mostly a retelling of the games with a little bit of Skeith’s POV thrown in.
I think if I were to tackle this pairing & subject again, it’d be with a total rewrite instead of a continuation.

Daddy Sanzo And Mommy Hakkai on Archive of Our Own or
Rated T (M on FFnet because of Mpreg/Abortion)
Gen Fic

Drinking from the wrong river leaves Sanzo and Hakkai in a rather concerning predicament. It's up to Goku and Gojyo to save the day (if they can get along long enough to do so).

Yet another one-shot collection that never got past one story. Lol. Man. I had a lot of those, but I think this might be the last one? *double checks* Yes! It is. There was one after it, but I renamed it a while ago (the one shot had the same name as the story title, so I just remove the “one shots” part in the summary lol).
I don’t know what to say about this fic. I pretty much forgot that I wrote it, which is kinda funny considering the mpreg plot.
Either way, two more down.

#The name of that second one haunts me. #I would never name that now. XD #Fun times in old fic land.#I was so much bolder with #my plot lines back in the day. #I say now that I'm writing ABO and death fics. #Lol. XD
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Content of Original Tumblr Post, December 30, 2018 at 12:27am:

The Last two of the night! They are now on AO3 to join the Archive. Enjoy them. XD

Puppy Days on Archive of Our Own or
Rated T
Gen Fic.
Summary: [A Dog's Life Sequel] The Sanzo Party faced the ultimate hardships and came out victorious, but now they have to get used to life on the road again but now with an extra mouth to feed!

This is what happens when you start a sequel without a plan.

You get one chapter posted and then never update it again. Lol.

Death Eraser on Archive of Our Own or
Rated T
Death Note
Gen Fic
Summary: Ryuk takes things into his own hands.

Where do I even start with this one? This is my most popular, hands down, favorited & reviewed fic on FFnet. It still has a good 100 reviews over the next one down on the list (Impromptu Affair, a Batman/Dark Knight fic).

It’s a weird mix of humor and serious topics that blended together into something kinda great? I mostly remember that people loved it & that I had way too much fun with it.

(It also made me ship Light & Matsuda as much as I ship Light & Ryuk and Light & Misa, and who am I kidding--I ship Light with everyone.)
Though my favorite memory of this fic is I updated it after a two year break. Two years passed between chapters nine and ten and I got a ton of reviews after that update.

Heck, I got a review this year on this thing & at least three last year (my favorite marking the 7th Year Anniversary since I last updated lol).
I’ve been tempted to resurrect this thing almost every year.

I might do it yet after I’m done crossposting everything.

Who knows.

Whatever I end up doing, Death Eraser has a spot close to my heart. XD

#Death Note #I'm tagging this one. #I'm curious if there's any old readers out there. XD

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Content of Original Tumblr Post, December 29, 2018 at 10:56pm:

I’m still working on crossposting. It’d probably go faster if I wasn’t fixing formatting issues on the old FFnet versions as well. Ha ha ha ha.

Here’s the next three. I’m not sure how much more I’ll get done tonight, but these are up! :D

Watching You on Archive of Our Own or
Rated T
Death Note
Gen Fic, L & Ryuk friendship.
Summary: It always starts with a bored shinigami. What's a world class detective to do with a Death Note?

I distinctly remember this fic because there was a scene in Chapter 5 I thought of first and wanted to write very badly...and after I got to it and wrote it, that’s about when I stopped updating. Lol.

Bread on Archive of Our Own or
Rated G
Gen Fic
Summary: Zed, Miki & Roya make bread.

Another supposed one-shot collection I edited down to a stand-alone one-shot since that’s all I ever wrote for it. It’s short but cute. Adorable Slice of Life goodness.

This fic also reminds me that I used to ship Miki & Zed so much. It figures in a fandom this small I’d like a rare pair. I need to watch Kiba again at some point. I really loved the first season but never found time to watch the second. I have all of it on DVD so the only thing stopping me is procrastination. XD

Sans on Archive of Our Own or
Rated T
Gen Fic, Angst & Friendship
Summary: See no Evil. Hear no Evil. Speak no Evil. Do everything you can.

I wrote so much fic for Saiyuki. I forgot just how much there was.

But this fic. After looking it over again I’m amazed I wrote this thing. 3-4k chapters with barely any dialogue. It’s all descriptions and thoughts and it’s...still pretty good.

This was my first time tackling writing characters with disabilities (the plot is that they each are stripped of one of their five senses and have to adapt) and I remember it being a challenge. I’d like to come back to this one at some point if I ever get back into Saiyuki.

Another three down. More to go.

#I'm slowly catching up. #However I'm also getting toward #the grey area where I'd#started crossposting things #without much order to it. #I'm going to have to be careful. XD

Three Fics

Dec. 29th, 2018 06:02 pm
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Content of Original Tumblr Post, December 29, 2018 at 6:02pm:

The Crossposting Adventure Continues. I’m not done for the night, but I figured I’d go ahead and share what I just finished up! :D

Obligation on Archive of Our Own or
Rated T
Generator Gawl
Ryuko Saito x Kanae, Character Study of Kanae

Kanae loves Saito more than he should.

Hey! A fic written from first person. Wow. I forgot I had any of those.
Generator Gawl is one of my all time favorite anime series and it’s sort of criminal I’ve only written one fic for it. I clearly had intentions to, because this fic (since I posted it in 2006 until today) used to be called “Generate” and was a “One-Shot” Collection. That only had one fic (*whisper* Not much of a collection).

I debated just marking it “Complete” and making it a one-shot properly and eventually just did that. It makes me wonder if anyone will notice. XD
Either way, it is a great little bittersweet piece and I still think it’s pretty good.

Dappled on Archive of Our Own or
Rated T
Pet Shop of Horrors
Count D/Leon Orcot, Humor, Friends to Lovers

Leon finally finds D in Japan and gets more than he bargined for from the not so mysterious Count D and his latest stalker, Taizu. [End of Series Spoilers]

You want to know the downfall of slow burn fics? When you don't finish them you never get to the romance you’d been slow burning. Lol. To be fair, I think this was meant to be a Gen Fic but I can pinpoint the moment I changed my mind and wanted it to be (at least one-sided) Count D x Leon. If I were to finish it now, it would definitely have ended with that pairing.
Pet Shop of Horrors was a long time fav series (*hugs her copies of the manga and my one OVA dvd*) and I *adored* Count D and Leon’s relationship.

If I ever sat down and reread the series, I would probably come back and finish this one, old or not.

Pick It Up Again on Archive of Our Own or
Rated T
Round Robin, Gen Fic, Humor

Tag Fic. Shinigami’s Wrath, Nimblnymph, GreyLiliy and Redbrunja. The Saiyuki boys are snowed in and bored, what's a team to do but to resort to telling stories?

Oh man. This fic takes me back. Round Robins were so much fun! I didn’t do a lot of them, but it is something I miss. There was something very satisfying about writing a chapter and then seeing what the next person comes up with. XD 

This was never finished, but what’s there is still hilarious and I grinned reading the entire fic over again. :D

#That's three down. #And many more to go. #I want to get this done gosh darn it. #There's so much to crosspost and fix. XD
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As I continue moving all my fanfiction over from FFnet to AO3, I'm realizing why I never did this before.

It's a lot of fanfiction. XD

On the bright side, I finally sucked it up & just started renaming One-Shot collections that never got past one story. Lol. I added a note with the original title & intent though, just in case someone goes looking for an old fic and doesn't find it.

Or clicks on what they think is a new fic. Same old.

In other news, my current AO3 Statistics page Word Count is (as of this post) 1,466,154 and I'm not even a third through my FFnet fics.

That is a lot. *whistles*
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Pomegranate Promises on Archive of Our Own or
Rated T (M on FFnet because implied sex)
My Hero Academia
Bakugou Katsuki x Midoriya Izuku (BakuDeku), Romance, Fluff & Humor

Summary:Izuku makes it very clear just how he feels about his husband and the whole kidnapping thing—it's time Kacchan got with the program! (Izuku & Katsuki as Persephone and Hades.)

Content of Original Tumblr Post, December 29, 2018 at 10:58am:

This turned out so much fun.

Maj, the last of my Trivia Fic winners, wanted BakuDeku as Hades & Persephone and at first it gave me some trouble because pining Kacchan is a subject that escapes me (Deku was requested as Persephone).

But I made it work.

I still don’t know how to write pining Kacchan, but Aggressive Deku never lets me down.

This turned out funny & cute and I hope you all enjoy it! XD

#This also turned out longer #than it was supposed to #but whatever. #I doubt anyone cares. Lol.
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Tears and Burnt Skin on Archive of Our Own
Rated M
My Hero Academia
Bakugou Katsuki x Midoriya Izuku, Sort of.

Summary: A moment of relaxation and play turns to terror when emotions grow too strong and Katsuki can’t stop.

Well, I finally wrote something where I felt kinda obligated to add the "Dead Dove: Do Not Eat" tag.

I have no idea how I feel about this fic. Lol. It was a request and I think it turned out pretty well, but it also reminds me I have no idea how to rate things. It's kinda intense but it's not really that graphic, so I guess "M" is a good fit.

I think this is my first straight up one-on-one death fic, though.

Anyway, long story short: This is one of the side prizes for that Fic Trivia Question thing I did where the winner got a fic request. The requester was Kady and they asked for Katsuki putting his hand down Izuku’s throat and choking him to death.

So that's what I wrote. More or less. *throws confetti* I varied the theme a bit, but the general "Katsuki chokes Izuku to death" is still there, thus the "Dead Dove" tag. It's exactly what it says on the tin. XD
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Mornings With Momo on Archive of Our Own or
Rated G (Teen on FFnet because they kiss and that site makes me paranoid.)
My Hero Academia
Todoroki Shouto x Yaoyorozu Momo (TodoMomo), Fluff, Married Life, SO MUCH FLUFF

Summary:Waking up used to bring Shouto dread, but now he looks forward to it every time the sun rises on her beautiful face.

Content of Original Tumblr Post, December 28, 2018 at 12:53am:

I was feeling some belated Christmas spirit, so I did a quick trivia quiz on a Discord server I’m in and the Winner got a One-shot request as a reward! (And there were two consolation drabbles ‘cause like three people participated & at that point, I might as well.)

Disaster Bi Momo answered the trivia question first & was the big winner! She asked for some sweet, morning domestic TodoMomo and I have provided.

Thanks so much for reading & enjoy~

#TodoMomo #This is so freaking fluffy #I can't believe I wrote it. #Look at it. #So cute.
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I really, really need to stop staying up so late.

I miss sleep.

Or I should say, I need to learn to write down notes & quick plot points instead of staying up to write what's in my head as a finished product while it's still there because despite being happy with what I finish, I need sleep and it's getting to the point it's not worth it.

(Posting updates at odd hours of the morning isn't good for exposure either. Lol.)
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Unbidden Praise on Archive of Our Own or
Rated M
My Hero Academia
Katsuki Bakugou x Izuku Midoriya (BakuDeku), Humor, Fluff

Summary: Izuku hadn’t been aware that unbidden praise from Kacchan would have such an effect on his composure, but after a compliment or two from Kacchan, he sure knows now! Izuku’s not sure his heart (or self control) can take it if Kacchan keeps being so nice.

I'm in the middle of an E rated sequel to this fic with the same theme, so I figured I should share the original that inspired it all and made me headcanon that Deku has a Praise Kink (I'm not even fond of that trope...I don't know what I'm doing with myself or where this came from...).

Ha ha.

Though, I will admit. I do get a weird kick out of writing Teen & below rated fic that still get people as excited as if I'd actually written something more mature. Lol. Some of the comments from this one have been fun to read. XD

Content of Original Tumblr Post, October 19, 2018 at 6:40pm:

I wrote fluff and T-rated Praise Kink.


Enjoy the first part. It’s so weird writing something so fluffy. Lol.

Choose Your Poison: Archive of Our Own or

(The fic is teen rated, but since there’s implied sexual content, it’s M on FFnet. :3 That’s all!)

#This is so freaking fluffy for me. #It's a miracle.

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While I'm doing all this crossposting, I'm also trying to clean up my old fics on FFnet to make them a little more uniform (using the same system for notes on each page, making sure the line breaks are there since a lot were destroyed when FFnet updated their system a long while back and it removed all the symbols I had been using as line breaks).

And it's made me realize I get bothered by little things & anxiety continues to not be my friend.

Like one-shot collections. I'm staring at the next item on the list and it's a one-shot collection--with one work in it.

Part of me wants to rename it & post it as a proper one-shot, even if it's like 10 years later (I would note that I did it of course, on both AO3 and the original). 

But the archival part of my brain is "This is what you first posted it as, this is what it should stay."

The truth is, on FFnet, one-shot collections were a lot easier. I could group everything together nice and neatly in one place.

But on AO3, it's much more advantageous to split them all out into separate works due to tagging. Sort of. Like, I still enjoyed putting "Challenges" together in a single work/story (like when I did Huxloween) since they're related despite the different subjects...up until I remember series exist and would do the same thing but still keep all the one-shots to be neatly labeled with their own appropriate tags.

The end of this ramble is that I have this stuff organized in different ways and part of me wants to fix it but the other part is "Leave. It. Alone." Ultimately it'll probably bother me forever, but what can you do? XD

I'm feeling chatty today. So you get to see the ramble.
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Keeping Face on Archive of Our Own or
Rated T
Genjo Sanzo & Cho Hakkai, Angst & Action

Summary: Cho Gonou is dead, but Cho Hakkai lives. Cho Hakkai is a demon.

I think of all the Saiyuki fanfics I've written, this one continues to be my favorite. I spent about a year on it from July 2006 to July 2007 and I'm still happy with it. Some of the writing is still rough, but I remember being adventurous with this one. I had a full supporting cast of original characters as I fleshed out the town they visited, I had some character study with Hakkai & Sanzo, it had a distinct start, middle, and ending--it's just nice to look back on all around.

And it reminds me how much I shipped Hakkai & Sanzo back in the day. Lol. This fic is Gen, but if I'd written it today, there would have been some romance added. In fact, I did sort of head that direction. The (sadly unfinished) direct sequel to this fic I started was going to be the "Get together" portion of the story. Ha ha.

Good times.
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Common Sense on Archive of Our Own or
Rated K/G
Genjo Sanzo & Son Goku, Slice of Life

Summary: Goku and Sanzo have a quiet chat in the rain.

Decided to start chipping away at my project to crosspost all of my fanfics to AO3. :D

Today's addition is "Common Sense" from my Saiyuki fandom days. A short little slice of piece that was short and sweet. I don't have a lot of feelings about it either way, which is pretty normal. You're not going to look back on everything you've ever written with a sense of nostalgia or pride. Some things just are. :3
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I summed up my feelings on this entire mess on Twitter fairly well, but here's a paraphrased recap:

Since the Tumblr Purge began, I have seen:
  • Artists Disappear (Both SFW and NSFW)
  • The worst flagging system known to man hit everything but what it was intended to target.
  • People scared and hurt.
  • Bots thrive.
That last one ticks me off the most because I saw a literal uptick in Spam Bot followers and fake accounts after the Purge. It's infuriating.

The worst part of all of this is Tumblr already had content filtering. I used it. All the time. The issue with the site wasn't the adult content, it was bots not flagging their posts and having them show up in Safe Mode. 

I'm sure that there was an issue with illegal content as well, but that's the thing--it was illegal. You delete just that with an actual team of people who can look at the content for themselves.

But clearly that's too expensive, or something.

I am aware that much of this is a decision really based on ad revenue (not wanting to be near adult content) or their app store status, but it's still grating. They said the adult content would be allowed to stay and now they're taking that back. People are upset and rightfully so.

The end point, is that if Tumblr wants to make money, ads aren't the way to do it. Or at least not ads the way they're using it. All of this really makes me miss Project Wonderful. It was the only Ad distribution & revenue site that I adored because everything was submitted by artists, writers and content creators. I was proud to display ads for all of those things & I bought ads myself. It was great.

And of course there's the subscription model, which Dreamwidth and Deviant Art uses. Here's the thing, Tumblr: If I like your site, I'm happy to pay a little to help keep it running and so others can use it for free.

But I'm not happy with you right now.

I hope you have some common sense and take back the NSFW ban, but I doubt it.
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I need to remind myself that it's totally cool and normal to comment on old posts. I keep forgetting my old Journal days, but I seem to recall most of the activity being in the comments. XD

Each post is like it's own little mini forum full of life.

I think. I'm not actually sure what the etiquette is, but there's not much point to having an accurate tagging system if it doesn't encourage you to crawl through old posts and find content. XD

Speaking, I went through and organized my tags better to match the Dreamwidth system. :D
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 I just read an amazing Hawks/Endeavor series and I was only able to because the Author Orphaned it instead of deleting it.

Every time I see a "This has been deleted. Sorry!" message in my AO3 bookmarks I instantly regret that I didn't keep better notes in my bookmarks to figure out what fic was lost or that I didn't download a copy of it.

"Bad" fics, unfinished fics, great fics that were removed from peer pressure--I feel an ache in my chest every time I see one disappear. It always feels like such a loss to see stories and literature disappear, even if it only had one reader.

I've started to get better about saving copies of fanfics I really love, but there's such a long back log of bookmarks (on AO3 and my old internet browsers) that I'm not sure I'd ever get through all of them. Heh.

But for now, I'm thankful for the orphan account option and that I got to read an amazing series today. (Though I do regret that it doesn't create a separate Orphan account for each user. I want to read more of their stuff.)
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A Mate's Worth on Archive of Our Own
Rated M
My Hero Academia
Katsuki Bakugou x Izuku Midoriya (BakuDeku), ABO

Summary: Katsuki came to the Omega Shelter as Kirishima’s moral support. He wasn’t looking for a mate nor licensed to claim a mate from there. It should have been a quick, boring trip.

But then he ran into Deku—someone he hadn’t seen in close to eight years—in that same Shelter for Abused Omega. Walking away alone had never been an option.

I actually had to hunt down the original post I made announcing this one. I couldn't find it for a minute because it'd been buried behind a bunch of other posts.

Also it's insane that I've written (as of this crosspost) 88k for this fic by itself since the end of June. Or that I've updated it nearly consistently.

Entering the world of ABO continues to be a mistake, but at least this fic is nearing its end. XD

Content of Original Tumblr Post, June 30, 2018 at 1:02am:

A/B/O was a mistake. *wheeze* I’ve fallen in the hole and can’t get out.

Long story short I was getting tired of all the angst in Debauchery (I mean, I love it, but even I get burned out on it folks) and want to write something happier. Or at least work on something that has a little more satisfying and uplifting moments anyway.

It has the same A/B/O style universe and World Building, but with a different scenario. In particular, I switched the roles to Omega Deku and Alpha Katsuki because I like that set up, too. :D

Enjoy the angst & fluff fest that is this fic.

And yes, it’s BakuDeku.

I apparently don’t know how to write anything else in this fandom. xD

#I'm going to sleep. #This first chapter is 6k. #It's a monster compared to my usual chapter length. XD #Ha ha ha ha.#Enjoy.
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Earn It Back on or Archive of Our Own
Rated T
My Hero Academia
Gen Fic

Summary: All for One is a cruel master, but Kurogiri serves him as best as he can—no matter what the circumstances. However, his Master’s latest punishment may push Kurogiri to his limits.

Content of Original Tumblr Post, December 9, 2018 at 2:02am:

A gift fic for the amazing rothinsel!

She wanted some Kurogiri love (specifically Kurogiri x AfO) and I..ended up not really doing that. This went in it’s own direction, so I technically owe her some love for the actual prompt, but it was fun to play with the characters for a one shot first as a warm up.


#I think it turned out pretty well


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