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I love the chapter notes feature on AO3. It helps keep word counts accurate so long, rambling notes don't affect the count.

I also really like there's a separate story notes from the individual chapter notes.

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As I continue moving all my fanfiction over from FFnet to AO3, I'm realizing why I never did this before.

It's a lot of fanfiction. XD

On the bright side, I finally sucked it up & just started renaming One-Shot collections that never got past one story. Lol. I added a note with the original title & intent though, just in case someone goes looking for an old fic and doesn't find it.

Or clicks on what they think is a new fic. Same old.

In other news, my current AO3 Statistics page Word Count is (as of this post) 1,466,154 and I'm not even a third through my FFnet fics.

That is a lot. *whistles*
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While I'm doing all this crossposting, I'm also trying to clean up my old fics on FFnet to make them a little more uniform (using the same system for notes on each page, making sure the line breaks are there since a lot were destroyed when FFnet updated their system a long while back and it removed all the symbols I had been using as line breaks).

And it's made me realize I get bothered by little things & anxiety continues to not be my friend.

Like one-shot collections. I'm staring at the next item on the list and it's a one-shot collection--with one work in it.

Part of me wants to rename it & post it as a proper one-shot, even if it's like 10 years later (I would note that I did it of course, on both AO3 and the original). 

But the archival part of my brain is "This is what you first posted it as, this is what it should stay."

The truth is, on FFnet, one-shot collections were a lot easier. I could group everything together nice and neatly in one place.

But on AO3, it's much more advantageous to split them all out into separate works due to tagging. Sort of. Like, I still enjoyed putting "Challenges" together in a single work/story (like when I did Huxloween) since they're related despite the different subjects...up until I remember series exist and would do the same thing but still keep all the one-shots to be neatly labeled with their own appropriate tags.

The end of this ramble is that I have this stuff organized in different ways and part of me wants to fix it but the other part is "Leave. It. Alone." Ultimately it'll probably bother me forever, but what can you do? XD

I'm feeling chatty today. So you get to see the ramble.
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 I just read an amazing Hawks/Endeavor series and I was only able to because the Author Orphaned it instead of deleting it.

Every time I see a "This has been deleted. Sorry!" message in my AO3 bookmarks I instantly regret that I didn't keep better notes in my bookmarks to figure out what fic was lost or that I didn't download a copy of it.

"Bad" fics, unfinished fics, great fics that were removed from peer pressure--I feel an ache in my chest every time I see one disappear. It always feels like such a loss to see stories and literature disappear, even if it only had one reader.

I've started to get better about saving copies of fanfics I really love, but there's such a long back log of bookmarks (on AO3 and my old internet browsers) that I'm not sure I'd ever get through all of them. Heh.

But for now, I'm thankful for the orphan account option and that I got to read an amazing series today. (Though I do regret that it doesn't create a separate Orphan account for each user. I want to read more of their stuff.)
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 As I'm sitting here wondering what to fill my Dreamwidth journal with, I realized that since it both is great for writing and inflicts a sense of nostalgia, I figured I should probably post links to my fanfics here with a few words about them. :P

I'm in the process of crossposting my fanfics from my site over to Archive of Our Own anyway, so I'll go ahead and mix it up with old and new stuff. (Typically I just post a link to the fanfic when I start it, I don't usually update with every chapter. You can subscribe on AO3 if you want that.)

And just for kicks, I'll probably include the original text to the posts I made over on Tumblr & will tag them accordingly.

I'll try to stick to one a day though so it doesn't entirely overrun everything else. ;D


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