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I love the chapter notes feature on AO3. It helps keep word counts accurate so long, rambling notes don't affect the count.

I also really like there's a separate story notes from the individual chapter notes.

Honestly my only complaint is I can't add chapter notes to the first chapter until after I publish the thing.

Sorry, it's a tiny thing I noticed when crossposting all these fics. I like putting the "This was first posted here on this day and crossposted to AO3 on this day" in the overall Story notes and the chapter notes on the chapter, but when you first post a story & that first chapter, the only notes you have access to are the overall Story notes. So when you "post" all that stuff I thought was for Chapter one, actually went to the overall story. Lol.

I know that now, so I have a new process to make sure everything goes where it needs to go, but I wonder how many old fics have those first chapter notes in the wrong place. XD
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