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Apr. 12th, 2019 09:41 am
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I'm doing developmental edits for a novel, and my arms and back are being whiny so I'm just a being of pure grump right now. Especially because I'm really excited to post the next chapter of Echoes of Messatine. Sigh.

And I have EVEN MORE thoughts on IDW Megatron, mostly centering around how the whole issue of insurrection is framed in IDW is, essentially, if the actual people being oppressed worst rebel, it turns into a bloodbath motivated by evil, but if the moderate members of society do (ORION PAX IS A FUCKING COP AND THEN A RELIGIOUS FIGURE YOU CANNOT CONVINCE ME THAT HE'S ANYTHING BUT A MODERATE) it's ok and Pure.

and then Megs has to say "we were wrong to assert ourselves" in a speech written by Optimus and have a "redemption arc" that just makes him be sad and fail a lot and then get fucking...executed or imprisoned.

I have problems with this.


reads like conservative propaganda. Like, really well managed and subtle and most of the fans are just uncritically accepting the "well Megatron did war crimes and therefore it's only appropriate" well yes, but have you considered that the overall narrative is...questionable? actually more problematic? don't just dismiss this concern because I'm "handwaving all the horrible stuff Megatron did" look at the larger context that's an issue, which is that the "lower classes" can't be trusted to take charge because their leaders will do horrible stuff if given power, which is the favorite narrative of oppressors. 

I love Transformers in general but I wish people would pay more attention to this and not just kneejerk "oh stop being edgy" like no, please pay attention to these implications as well because they make other interpretations of the characters legit.


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