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Feb. 23rd, 2019 08:05 am
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 Just sticking down these plot bunnies here so they don't run away

Guardian - identity shenanigans when Shen Wei and ZYL are in the very, very early days of their relationship but the rest of SID doesn't know Shen Wei's identity yet. Involves Shen Wei having to be away on Dixing business for a week, two weeks, and ZYL pining and missing him like crazy and then when he turns back up it's as the BCE in the middle of the SID office so ZYL has to stand a careful distance away from him and they both just have to act like Chief Zhao and the Envoy and like everything is normal... and then ZYL can't take it and says he needs to talk to the Envoy alone and drags him into the library and it's the first time they've kissed while Shen Wei is in his envoy guise.

Oh, and I've just realised that part of this is that the connection between Haixing and Dixing is fracturing and the portals are closing because of (REASONS) so Yunlan has to let him go back to Dixing knowing that he might not be able to get back through.

MDZS - post-canon undercover in a brothel fic. WWX is undercover because I have a mental image of him sitting in Lan Wangji's lap in a sort of gauzy Tang dynasty-esque robe that shows a lot of collar bone. 

TGCF - Post lake-kissing scene getting together (this is going to be very dependent on what happens in the translation in the next few chapters, lol.) Part of this might be Xie Lian realising that he's been keeping to abstinence because his chosen cultivation technique means that his spiritual powers would be damaged by sex... but due to the curse shackles he doesn't *have* any spiritual powers right now anyway, so why not! *jumps Hua Cheng clumsily and adorably*

writing update: february 15-21

Feb. 22nd, 2019 08:21 pm
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honestly this week can be summed up by the 😩 emoji. this was a rough week. frankly i have no idea what the numbers are gonna be. opens calculator...

📊 current wordcount: 30,061 words

  • total words this week: 4,228
    • 0 words for writing exercises 😬😬😬
    • 0 words beyond the vault notes/comments (admittedly this is already done)
    • 4,228 worship au prose
📚 books read this month: 1/7
yeah this didn't go great this week
📝 chapters commented on: 61/61
in hindsight i could have just crossed this off but i want to feel at least a little accomplished here 😭
📓 writing exercises: absolutely none 😬

on the pro side, i watched 8 movies in the past 7 days??? )

next week: hopefully i will meet at least one of my other goals before the end of the month?? or at least approach it??? ugh why did i want to do so much in february of all months, what was i thinking

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Title: This Time Around It's More Correct
Author: [ profile] ialpiriel
Fandom: Fallout 4
Characters/Pairings: Glory/Curie, Glory/G5-19, Glory/Curie/Female Sole Survivor
Length: 2621 words
Rating: Teen & Up
Warnings: None
Summary: Curie and Glory don’t get off to a great start. They learn to relax a bit once other shit hits the fan.
Notes: In this 'verse the Sole Survivor is also a synth.

G5 is gone, and Glory is trying to get used to Curie walking around in her body. This fic explores that tension, Glory's loss and the cautious beginnings of a relationship. It really gets into Glory's head especially, and I love the sense of a gentle coming to terms with the way things are, and making room for new things.

You did, whether you meant to or not. )

( Read on AO3 )


Feb. 22nd, 2019 11:52 am
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Well, our boxes are, anyway. I'm back at my temporary address for now, because I'm house/catsitting and it's a lot easier for me to get to work from here. Still can't believe that we have this place after years (honestly, a lifetime) of instability. Wherever I want or need to go next, I'll be able to plan for it from a solid base. That's an exciting thought.

I'll be going up next week and using all my free time to explore the town/villages/countryside around there. Also, sorting out the internet installation. That part is Important.

(While I was outside with the van last night, a bat looped the loop right past our window. ROLL OUT THE WELCOME BAT. ♥)

Angel’s Month Indulgence #7

Feb. 21st, 2019 09:25 pm
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Nike Golf and Nike Pro Tops
Nike Golf and Nike Pro Tops

Online I ordered the White Version of the black golf top I bought Earlier This Week. In addition, This Sparkly Top was on sale and ended up as an impulse addition to my cart. I got a substantial discount on the order.

I already knew the golf top needed to be size M. Most of my Nike Pro tops are size L as that line has a slim cut. I took a chance that the sparkly top would be true to the Nike Pro standard and ordered size L. That top arrived today, and it fits perfectly, so I’m quite pleased. I may use the white top for the photo shoot. I don’t know yet.

I wore the top to work on Friday.

Selfie • iPad Pro photo

[Writing] Oh, so we're here.

Feb. 22nd, 2019 12:09 am
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Here in the "Just put down words because I hate everything I write and am seriously questioning my ability to pull this fic off" phase of the process okay cool this is familiar.

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[personal profile] texelations posted in [community profile] critique_u: Critique U's first flash fiction challenge!

A banner for the Critique U flash fiction challenge, featuring lightning striking near a mountain

There will be several rounds running this weekend, February 23-24. I'm going to try to participate in the afternoon ones!

Third Thursday

Feb. 21st, 2019 08:21 pm
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Birthday Card and Gifts
Birthday Card and Gifts

On the third Thursday of each month, my longtime friend Debbie and I go out to dinner. It’s sometimes hard to believe that we’ve known each other for over 50 years. On our monthly dinner in November, we go to her favorite local restaurant for dinner. On our monthly dinner in February, I get to choose the location. Because Debbie pays for dinner in even-numbered months, and I pay for dinner in odd-numbered months, we are assured that the correct person pays for the birthday dinner.

Debbie offered to treat me to dinner at Nonna Emilia’s, which she knows is my favorite local restaurant. However, Jenni always takes me to Nonna’s on my actual birthday (next week), so tonight I chose to have dinner at our normal monthly location – Reedville Cafe. I had actually been looking forward to having a ham omelette and hash browns for dinner – and I did. We topped it off by splitting an ice cream sundae.

Debbie loves otters – river otters, not sea otters. So somehow it was not surprising – while being totally surprising – that she found an otter birthday card for me. Silly person! She also gave me gift cards to Uwajimaya and Kinokuniya for my birthday. Debbie knows my weaknesses.

Anyway, my first birthday dinner of the month was great fun – and a nice break from the workweek.
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Title: Watch For Me By The Moonlight
Author: [ profile] Edonohana
Fandom: Original Work
Characters/Pairings: Female Wounded Stranger/Female Homesteader
Length: 1738 words
Rating: Teen & Up
Warnings: None
Summary: A wounded stranger, a snowstorm, a homesteader, and more...

This lovely piece comes from the Chocolate Box collection's surprisingly plentiful selection of Original F/F! Watch For Me By The Moonlight presents wounded traveler with a secret rescued by a kind homesteader with one of her own, with a strong narrative voice and a surprise twist.

You’ve been shot! What happened? )

( Read on AO3 )

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[personal profile] sylvaine posted in [community profile] amplificathon: Podfic Fest: Out of the Auditary

out of the auditary promo banner

Out of the Auditary: a fest for podficcing works that don't fit into the "standard" fiction format, such as meta, not!fic, epistolary and chatfic, video game codes entries, fake scientific articles, poetry, and many more!

This looks neat!

Happy birthday, Nina Simone

Feb. 21st, 2019 09:38 am
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She would have been 86.

Trouble, one of my favorite WFMU DJs, is today paying tribute to her. At this moment, I'm listening to Nina cover Hall & Oates' "Rich Girl". I have a phone heavy to-do list. It's on hold while I listen to the entire set because she was and is and will always be fucking amazing.

Click here for the playlist and the stream

Today, I will *finally* watch What Happened, Miss Simone?, the documentary - currently on Netflix - that my partner has been telling me to watch for...three years? At least two.

I am very angry

Feb. 21st, 2019 01:59 pm
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All the trigger warnings

 The UK media fucking loves to talk about Muslim men who groom young girls for sex, only that's always white girls. You take a girl with a different color skin, have her leave home at FIFTEEN, clearly used for sex given she had three babies by 19, two of which are dead. But she's not white, so she's not an abused, traumatized young woman. She's a threat who deserves to be rendered stateless. She can claim citizenship elsewhere! She's someone else's problem, someone else's child.

This country only sees victims if they're white and the abusers aren't.

[RWBY Fic] Reasons Why

Feb. 21st, 2019 09:07 am
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Title: Reasons Why
Author: anneapocalypse
Fandom: RWBY
Characters/Pairings: Blake Belladonna/Yang Xiao Long
Length: 6000 words
Rating: Teen & Up
Warnings: Implied/Referenced Past Abuse, Implied/Referenced Child Abandonment
Summary: Blake is back, and it still doesn't quite feel real.
Notes: Written for the Chocolate Box Exchange, for [ profile] guremahishin! Set mid volume 6.

Blake is back.

It still doesn’t quite feel real.

Blake is here, sitting next to Yang in a booth in the club car of the Argus Limited, rumbling through the mountains north of Haven.

None of it quite feels real yet. Not Haven or the Vault or the lamp or the train, not Ruby and Weiss tearing around the car squealing or Uncle Qrow trying to bankrupt the bar or Blake, here, at her side again, her amber eyes looking long down the car like she’s not quite seeing it at all, not quite here.

Maybe she isn’t.

Yang has to admit, she digs the new look—the jacket, the boots, the cropped black top. Especially the jacket. They’re both doing a long jacket thing now. It’s a good look.

She noticed right off the absence of Blake’s signature satin bow, her velvet black ears uncovered against glossy hair, and in that moment Yang first laid eyes on her in the threshold at Haven, heart seizing in her chest, all she could think was how stunning Blake looked, how—

how she ran, how Yang could hear her boots striking cobblestone even through the blinding pain and lightheadedness from the blood loss, how she didn’t say goodbye.

( Read on AO3 )

Live From Instagram

Feb. 21st, 2019 08:54 am
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Painting at midnight. #crosspost


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