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Rated G (Teen on FFnet because they kiss and that site makes me paranoid.)
My Hero Academia
Todoroki Shouto x Yaoyorozu Momo (TodoMomo), Fluff, Married Life, SO MUCH FLUFF

Summary:Waking up used to bring Shouto dread, but now he looks forward to it every time the sun rises on her beautiful face.

Content of Original Tumblr Post, December 28, 2018 at 12:53am:

I was feeling some belated Christmas spirit, so I did a quick trivia quiz on a Discord server I’m in and the Winner got a One-shot request as a reward! (And there were two consolation drabbles ‘cause like three people participated & at that point, I might as well.)

Disaster Bi Momo answered the trivia question first & was the big winner! She asked for some sweet, morning domestic TodoMomo and I have provided.

Thanks so much for reading & enjoy~

#TodoMomo #This is so freaking fluffy #I can't believe I wrote it. #Look at it. #So cute.
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