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A Mate's Worth on Archive of Our Own
Rated M
My Hero Academia
Katsuki Bakugou x Izuku Midoriya (BakuDeku), ABO

Summary: Katsuki came to the Omega Shelter as Kirishima’s moral support. He wasn’t looking for a mate nor licensed to claim a mate from there. It should have been a quick, boring trip.

But then he ran into Deku—someone he hadn’t seen in close to eight years—in that same Shelter for Abused Omega. Walking away alone had never been an option.

I actually had to hunt down the original post I made announcing this one. I couldn't find it for a minute because it'd been buried behind a bunch of other posts.

Also it's insane that I've written (as of this crosspost) 88k for this fic by itself since the end of June. Or that I've updated it nearly consistently.

Entering the world of ABO continues to be a mistake, but at least this fic is nearing its end. XD

Content of Original Tumblr Post, June 30, 2018 at 1:02am:

A/B/O was a mistake. *wheeze* I’ve fallen in the hole and can’t get out.

Long story short I was getting tired of all the angst in Debauchery (I mean, I love it, but even I get burned out on it folks) and want to write something happier. Or at least work on something that has a little more satisfying and uplifting moments anyway.

It has the same A/B/O style universe and World Building, but with a different scenario. In particular, I switched the roles to Omega Deku and Alpha Katsuki because I like that set up, too. :D

Enjoy the angst & fluff fest that is this fic.

And yes, it’s BakuDeku.

I apparently don’t know how to write anything else in this fandom. xD

#I'm going to sleep. #This first chapter is 6k. #It's a monster compared to my usual chapter length. XD #Ha ha ha ha.#Enjoy.
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