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Longing Thoughts on Archive of Our Own
Rated M (for Sexual Content)
Weiss Schnee x Yang Xiao Long (Freezerburn)

Summary: When Raven refuses to help find Ruby, Yang and Weiss find themselves in the middle of the woods and find comfort in each other before they figure out how to proceed.

Content of Original Tumblr Post, February 18, 2019 at 6:32pm:


I told myself I was gonna’ get something done for Femslash February this year and I managed to get it done. This took too long to write but I’m happy with the final product. XD

It features one of my favorite pairings from Ruby: FreezerBurn.


#This took too long to write. #But it turned out okay so that's all that matters.
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Bullheaded Ambition on Archive of Our Own
Rated M
Adam Taurus/Blake Belladonna (Tauradonna), Character Death the Fic

Summary: Adam said that he would destroy everything that Blake loved and he intends to see that mission through to the and Izuku find out they’re both exactly what the other has always needed.

Content of Original Tumblr Post, January 22, 2019 at 9:38pm:

This is “Adam Taurus Kills All Your Favs, the Vent fic.”

Catharsis at its finest.

I mean, it’s going to have a plot and I’m taking the prompt seriously, but it is very much a self indulgent “He could have been a better monster” vent fic.

Also, there is no character hate here. None. As a long time Whump fan, I love tormenting my favorites (just look at my BakuDeku fics lol), so everyone will be getting my own brand of tough love. :D

It also is doubling as that “Hazel and Adam are forced to work together for an extended amount of time” fic that I had been itching to write for a while but never did.

Two birds. One stone.


#Tauradonna #Of the one sided variety #very tragic. #The good stuff. #Gotta love that Drama.
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