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Mar. 21st, 2019 06:51 pm
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Content of Original Tumblr Post, March 21, 2019 at 6:51pm:

I remembered I hadn’t finished crossposting Fanfics yet. Lol. I did two today and I still have a few to go (before I start tackling the Tumblr drabbles).
Up today? A dark “Kill all your favs” fic and a dark humor fic. Enjoy!

Night Watch on Archive of Our Own or Fanfiction.net
Rated M
Watchmen & Nightmare on Elm Street Crossover
Gen Fic. Horror/Supernatural.
Summary: Daniel is having nightmares. Mysterious wounds coming from no where. Rorschach doesn't like it. Not one bit. Going to save partner if it takes all night.

I filed this fic under “I had maybe two or more chapters left to go but it’s been over ten years and I can’t remember what I wanted to do.”
Chapter 10 (the last chapter posted) has a grand declaration that I would finish it, but um. I guess it gets to keep waiting.
But in the meantime, it is one of my best Horror pieces. I still think it’s worth reading for the angst and horror, even if it’s left hanging (like a true horror fic).

Possessive on Archive of Our Own or Fanfiction.net
Rated M
Batman Begins (Nolan Films)
Jonathan Crane x Bruce Wayne, Non-Graphic Non-Con.
Summary: Jonathan Crane has never felt this way before. And he'd make sure the man who caused this feeling took full responsibility. Scarecrow x Wayne.

I used to love Crane x Wayne from the Nolan movies. Actually, still do. It’s a good ship.
This is a weird dark humor piece where Scarecrow kidnaps Wayne, drugs him, and has his way with the man off screen.
So, not that complicated of a fic. XD

#I was going to do more #but I decided to take a break #and do something else. Lol. #I will get everything on AO3 though. #So help me.
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Content of Original Tumblr Post, January 1, 2019 at 6:29pm:

Someone left a comment recently that they never expected to laugh at one of my fics and that kinda stung because I used to write funny things all the time. Lol. Like these two pieces I just finished crossposting to AO3 for my fanfic flashback marathon:

Justice For All on Archive of Our Own or Fanfiction.net
Rated T
Saiyuki & Justice League
Gen Fic. Modern Day & Humor

Genjo Sanzo makes Lex Luthor look like a wimp. And who would dare challenge Secretary Hakkai? Superman. That's who.

I don’t know what I was thinking when I wrote this, but it came out funny and that’s what matters.

And Yes. I do believe Goku from Saiyuki could deck Superman and you can’t argue otherwise. :P

Impromptu Affair on Archive of Our Own or Fanfiction.net
Rated T (M on FFnet)
Batman (Nolan Films)
The Scarecrow & Joker, The Scarecrow & Two-Face, Humor, Dark humor.

Good partners are hard to find - but sometimes they just drop in unexpected. And Joker's going to keep hold, whether Scarecrow & Two-Face like it or not.

This was easily the most popular of all my Batman fanfics, and for good reason--it was the longest and the funniest.

Also it made me ship Crane x Dent and let me tell you, it took all of my willpower to keep this thing a Gen Fic.

Good times.

#That second one is 23 chapters #and got through like two major story arcs. #It was a beast for me at the time. XD
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