Jan. 4th, 2019

Two TF Fics

Jan. 4th, 2019 08:56 pm
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Content of Original Tumblr Post, January 4, 2019 at 8:55pm:

By the time I really started writing for Transformers, I had an AO3 account, so most of my fics were already over there. But these are another two of the few that were from the “Before AO3″ times. :D

Driving Forwards on Archive of Our Own or Fanfiction.net
Rated T (M on FFnet)
Transformers G1 (w/IDW influences)
Rumble x Starscream, Humor & Drama

Rumble has a problem. And that problem's name is Starscream. Doesn't help that Skywarp's jealous or that Soundwave does not approve.

I wrote almost 50k about the rare pair that is Rumble x Starscream and I took that parking very seriously. I need to re-reading this thing because it had a little bit of everything: The Cassettes, The Seeker Trines, Rare Pairs, Megatron, Skyfire, Humor, Drama, Tsundere!Starscream...all of it.

Though the absolute best part was when I crossposted it to AO3, there was already a Rumble/Starscream tag with fics on it. Bless Rare Pairs. XD

The Stalwart on Archive of Our Own or Fanfiction.net
Rated T
Transformers G1 (w/IDW influences)
Slow Burn Ultra Magnus x Hot Rod, mostly Slice of Life & Action

Hot Rod makes an impression on his commanding officer Ultra Magnus. Now if only they could figure each other out and this strange bond between them.

This one was never that popular and that’s fine, however, I am still pretty happy with it. I reread it earlier and I really like the slice of life sections. They’re slow and happy and its’ very different from what I usually write. It was a nice break.

Until Chapter 4 where I did some really cool stuff with Wire Interfacing world building and head canons that I really, really need to use in more Transformers fics.

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